How to make a Cloudword


On your ARNU Box, choose your favorite backup program to make your current system backup. In this example we will use Quick Backup as it is the most simple one to use.

Step 1

To download Quick Backup you can go in to Cloudword and type in without quotation “quickbackup”

Step 2

Once downloaded, go into Programs and launch Quick Backup

Step 3

You will be greeted with a Welcome message, click Yes to proceed. At this point you should have an SD Card or USB key that is formatted in FAT32 inserted into your unit

Step 4

You will now have a message that will asking you to choose a folder to store your file in. A window will appear with “Select Backup Destination”. Highlight it and press OK on your remote.

Step 5

In the list find your external storage device. Ours is labeled “SDCARD”. Highlight it and press Left on your remote control. Select OK in the list

Step 6

A message will appear saying to type in a name for your backup. We will label ours “mynewbackup”
Note: If you get an error, please run Quick Backup again. Sometimes on the first time using Quick Backup an error message might appear

Step 7

A progress bar will appear backing up your current Kodi system. Keep in mind this will back up all user data too. Any passwords you may have stored will be backed up into this file.

Step 8

Once completed you will have a message appear stating your backup is finished. Now we will move on to the computer portion, make sure to take your SD card or USB key you backed up your information on and connect it to your computer.

Step 9

Now you will need to upload your backup file to an online cloud service or server. For this example we will use Dropbox. If you don’t already have an account with Dropbox, please make one. If you are ready to continue go to and log in.

Step 10

Once you are logged in, click the ‘Upload’ button located at the top of the screen.

Step 11

Click on ‘Choose files’ and find your file on your SD Card or USB device. Once uploaded click Done

Step 12

Beside your file name you should see the word “Share”. Click on it.

Step 13

Right below Link to file, copy the link and store it in a safe place as you will need this in the upcoming steps

Step 14

On to the last steps! Go to

Step 15

Paste your cloud backup link in the “Long URL” field. If you used dropbox make sure where it has dl=0 to change it to dl=1

Step 16

The Custom Keyword field is the most crutial part. Lets say you want your Cloudword to be mynewbackup you would have to type in the custom keyword section cloudwordmynewbackup

It is very important to have cloudword written first then your keyword after with no spaces.


Step 17

In the Custom Title field, you can leave it blank if you would like. Just make sure that Long URL and Custom Keyword are filled our properly and click Shorten


And there you go! If you use cloudword now you should be able to restore your backup from the cloud!

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