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  1. Greetings all! We have now released Pure Linux 4.0.6 which is Kodi 17.5 and now has Emulationstation. It is currently for 64bit devices (Mach 10 64bit, Mach 10 64bit V2, Novem)

  2. Greetings all! We have now released a 32Bit Pure Linux 4.0.7 which is Kodi 17.6 It is currently for 32Bit devices Mach 10 & Mach 8
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Mach 10 vs Mach 8

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Reginald Francois, Sep 30, 2015.

  1. Reginald Francois

    Reginald Francois New Member

    Who can tell me the difference besides the storage of (8 GB), and more $. I am interested in purchasing a second box but want the most bang for my dollars.
  2. AccordXTC

    AccordXTC Administrator Staff Member

    Hello Reginald Francois

    I have all the models myself and can say that there are many reasons to pick the Mach 10.

    Mach 10: Aluminum body, Gigabit wire connection, external antenna for WiFi, S812 processor, front display, 4K30 hdmi

    Mach 8: Plastic body, 10/100 wired connection, internal antenna for WiFi, S802 processor, no front display, 1080p hdmi

    The Mach 10 is a work of art that is stealthy, clean lines, with amazing hardware, software is the same on both. Bottom line is that if your wanting to future proof yourself and get the best the Mach 10 is where its at. I've also had the Mach 8 for almost 2 years and loved it from the start. I find that the Arnubox brand is one that you can't go wrong with which ever model you choice.

    The fact they back up all there products with the best support on the market and set the bar for it means you'll be picking a good box no matter which one it is.

    I've tried and test many boxes out there and honestly can not think of a con that I would give the brand, its nothing but pros (Pun Intended)

    Hope this helps

    Last edited: Oct 27, 2015
    djgrind likes this.
  3. tvro

    tvro New Member

    I see you say the Mach 10 is 4k I did not see that , when I go into setting for resolution looks like 1080 p is all I can choose am I missing something as did not see the 4k resolutions
  4. ARNU Box Admin

    ARNU Box Admin Administrator Staff Member

    Hi tvro,

    To see those resolutions you need to have a 4K television. If your television supports up to 1080p only, you will not get that option for 4k
  5. tvro

    tvro New Member

    I have a 4k lg 65 inch tv I have no problem playing 4k video on my tv from youtube using the built in smart TV's youtube but when I go into the the resolution setting in my mach 10 pure Linux there are no 4k setting like my Q box has
  6. ARNU Box Admin

    ARNU Box Admin Administrator Staff Member

    Can you email us a screenshot of your resolution selections on the Mach 10? sales@arnubox.com

    Thanks tvro
  7. AccordXTC

    AccordXTC Administrator Staff Member

    One thing I'd like to add would be to confirm the HDMI you are using is at least a 1.4 or higher. Using a lower rated HDMI will not pass 4K though. Also another option to look at is some TV's only offer so many HDMI ports on the TV that will support 4K and the remaining ports only able to do 1080p this can be confirmed in the owners manual.

    Another option to look into is making sure the LG TV is running the newest firmware from LG.
  8. Reginald Francois

    Reginald Francois New Member

    tvro, Did you ever get this issue resolved. I have a 64" 4K LG TV as well. In your personal opinion, is it worth it?
  9. AccordXTC

    AccordXTC Administrator Staff Member

    Reginald Francois

    Yes the Mach 10 works fine on any 4K TV as long as the end user is using the correct type of HDMI cable to pass through HDMI and that they have it connected to a 4K enabled TV and HDMI port on their TV running the newest firmware

    The Mach 10 can out put full 4K at 30fps and have tested the Mach 10 on LG, Samsung, Panasonic and Toshiba for 4K support
  10. tvro

    tvro New Member

    sorry took so long to get back to you was out of town the tv says it is 4k on all ports but that is not the problem as I said the Mach 10 only goes up to 1080p according to the resolutions in Kodi I do not see any 4k resolutions and when I played a 4k trailer it isn't 4k not sure how to post a screenshot or where showing the resolutions
  11. tvro

    tvro New Member

    As to the tv I can play which I confirmed last night 4k on the tv using the smart tv youtube and play the same 4k trailersas in kodi in 4k now as to the hdmi not 100 percent sure it is 1.4 when I bought is they said it would do better than 1080p cant remember the numbers but still hung up on the kodi resolutions only going up to 1080p on the mach 10 but my other box Qbox it has the 4k as a choice in the resolutions the mach 10 does not.
    Are you saying it will not show up in the mach 10 unless the tv has right cable and right input that seems funny I would think it the 4k resolution should be there but not play 4k unless tv is ready or am I wrong
  12. tvro

    tvro New Member

    I will get another 1.4 hdmi and try again

    p.s. I sent you the picture of my resolution choices
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2015
  13. AccordXTC

    AccordXTC Administrator Staff Member

    I know it doesn't make sense on the version of cable but it does. What the factor is how much data can pass through the cable that 4K needs and also the HDCP version to do a proper handshake.

    I'm not saying go out and spend 100's on a cable but the cheap cables are ones you'd want to stay away from. You want to be buying a cable that is rated to pass 4K though. I have personally tested my Mach 10 on many brands of 4K TV's and not had an issue, once its connected you go into System, Settings, and then System. You'll see the option on the left to change the resolution to 4K.
  14. tvro

    tvro New Member

    Ok just ordered a 1.4 4k hdmi but also found this article from cnet
    If you read the article he says that most hdmi cables will pass the 4k just fine even the cheap ones and I know mine were fairly good but I've ordered one will see when it gets here if it works or not.
  15. Daniel Lamontagne

    Daniel Lamontagne New Member

    I can select 4K but it reverts back to 1080p. Please help.

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