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  1. Greetings all! We have now released Pure Linux 4.0.6 which is Kodi 17.5 and now has Emulationstation. It is currently for 64bit devices (Mach 10 64bit, Mach 10 64bit V2, Novem)

  2. Greetings all! We have now released a 32Bit Pure Linux 4.0.7 which is Kodi 17.6 It is currently for 32Bit devices Mach 10 & Mach 8
  3. Please do not discuss, post or link about 3rd party add-ons / applications. If we see a post that violates this, we will warn you and delete your post. Thank you
  4. If you are having issues and technical problems relating to ARNU Box products (not 3rd party applications) and are not being answered on the forum, please email us sales@arnubox.com . Thank you!

Firmware update for Kodi 18

Discussion in 'News and Firmware Updates' started by macfunk, Feb 22, 2019.

  1. macfunk

    macfunk New Member


    Just checking if the Arnu team are working on a firmware update for the latest stable release of Kodi 18?

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  2. AccordXTC

    AccordXTC Administrator Staff Member

    Hello macfunk

    Yep they are working on it and when released will be announced on here and social media sites for ARNU Box.
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  3. macfunk

    macfunk New Member

    Great stuff, thanks
  4. bigmak21

    bigmak21 New Member

    All boxes including the mach 8?
  5. AccordXTC

    AccordXTC Administrator Staff Member

    No the Mach 8 no longer supported as it's a 32bit model.
  6. bigmak21

    bigmak21 New Member

    Thank you although disappointing. Was this announced at some point? Had I known I may have picked up another box at or moved on to a different brand. Seems most resellers are not around anymore.

    I know it is a legacy device but kodi 17 was supported so was under the assumption 18 would as well.
  7. AccordXTC

    AccordXTC Administrator Staff Member

    The box itself is almost 7 years old. I think ARNU Box did good to support it for as long as they did. The reason why no legacy model is supported is because of the hardware of the units. All of them are 32 bit processors. No manufacture will ever post "hey this stuff is old" as its not fair to some re sellers that maybe still have the product they are trying to clear.

    There also has been quite a few 64 bit models release from ARNU Box that are still supported but no longer made. They will support them as long as the hardware will let them.
  8. dmiGOLD

    dmiGOLD New Member

    Hi, do you know when the Kodi 18 update is coming?
  9. Bogi

    Bogi New Member

    Hi folks, I need to downgrade from 17.6 to 16.1
    please provide ARNU 16.1 file
  10. macfunk

    macfunk New Member

    Hi AccordXTC - It's been quite a few months and I was just checking if there's an eta re: Kodi 18 yet?

    Many thanks
  11. Daniel Lamontagne

    Daniel Lamontagne New Member

    I think this website is dead. I never get a reply to my questions. Sad.
  12. macfunk

    macfunk New Member

    I hope not Daniel as there would likely have been an announcement on the Forum. It's never been a busy forum mainly due to the lack of issues with the Arnubox range which in itself is a good thing! However things have been strangely quiet for a few months now so it would indeed be good for AccordXTC or another mod to update the members and let everyone know if there will be continued support for the pure linux range boxes (and the Android ones as well.)

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