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Amazon Alexa Module

Discussion in 'ARNU Mate' started by josh.5, May 30, 2017.

  1. josh.5

    josh.5 Moderator

    The ARNU Box Amazon Alexa skill is now available for beta testing.
    if you wish to take part in the beta program and provide some definitive feedback that will shape how the skill will end up officially allowing Alexa to control your ARNU Box. To enter, submit your information here on the sign-up form.


    Currently the Alexa skill is targeting the people who use their ARNU Box with a library of content. Functions include Playback of Movies, Playback of TV Shows, Searching Library for a specific video, Controlling your media playback, etc.
    The skill works with Libraries created with Kodi, PlexKodiConnect and Emby. Searching inside of the official Plex addon for Kodi is not yet supported, neither is searching inside of other video addons for content although both of these features are intended in the near future.

    How to Install:

    Stage #1:​
    1. The first thing you need to do is opt into the ARNU Box Alexa skill beta program. To do this, Enter you information here in the sign-up form.
    2. You will be sent an email to that address with an invite for the ARNU Box Alexa skill.
    3. Click on the link that is sent to your email and enable the skill.
    The skill will tell you that you need to link your account in order to enable the skill on your Alexa app. Before you can do this you will need to install our Amazon Alexa service on your ARNU Box. This is really easy if you have already looked at the new ARNU Mate system for home automation integration into the ARNU Box. If you have not yet seen or heard of ARNU Mate, then this is a great first step to using it.​

    Stage #2:

    1. Currently ARNU Mate is still in active development, so the only way install it is by using the CLOUDWORD "arnumate". This will change in the not too distant future.
    2. Once you have installed this CLOUDWORD, navigate to your Program Add-ons folder.

    3. Open the newly installed ARNU Mate add-on. On the first run this will present you with a download progress bar. This is normal, it is just installing the needed components in order to take control of your ARNU Box mediacenter.
    4. Select the "Install Modules" button in the top left corner of the window.

    5. Select the "Amazon Alexa" module and then click on the button that says "Install".
    6. You will see another progress bar while it installs the ARNU Mate Amazon Alexa module.
    7. Click back and you will see a prompt to restart the mediacenter. Click "YES".

    8. Once you have restarted, navigate back to the ARNU Mate add-on and open it. You will now see the Amazon Alexa module running.
    9. Select the module and click "OK" on your remote to open the menu.
    10. Then open the module's settings.
    You should see a series of checks as the module attempts to configure your local network for communication with the Amazon Alexa server.
    You will also see in yellow a 4 character device link code, you will use this code to pair it with the ARNU Box Alexa skill installed in your Alexa app. Leave this window open for now.

    Stage #3:

    1. Now open your Alexa app on your phone or web browser and then select the ARNU Box skill.

    2. Click the button that says "Enable" and you will be redirected to a form (to be prettied up at a later date...).

    3. Enter the Device Link Code that is displayed in yellow on the ARNU Mate Amazon Alexa module's settings window, then click submit.
    You will now see a window that says, "Your ARNU Box Skill was successfully linked."
    You can now close the ARNU Mate add-on and begin using Alexa to control your ARNU Box.​

    Where to Start:

    Here is a collection of sample phrases that can be used to control your ARNU Box:

    Tell ARNU Box:
    • "Alexa, tell ARNU Box to execute add-on {Addon}"
    • "Alexa, tell ARNU Box to search for the movie {Movie}"
    • "Alexa, tell ARNU Box to search for the song {Song}"
    • "Alexa, tell ARNU Box to search for the tv show {Show}"
    • "Alexa, tell ARNU Box to play album {Album}"
    • "Alexa, tell ARNU Box to listen to {Song}"
    • "Alexa, tell ARNU Box to play music by {Artist}"
    • "Alexa, tell ARNU Box to clean audio library"
    • "Alexa, tell ARNU Box to clean video library"
    • "Alexa, tell ARNU Box to play some random music"
    • "Alexa, tell ARNU Box to play a random movie"
    • "Alexa, tell ARNU Box to shuffle album {Album}"
    • "Alexa, tell ARNU Box to play season {Season} episode {Episode} of {Show}"
    • "Alexa, tell ARNU Box to play the next episode of {Show}"
    • "Alexa, tell ARNU Box to play the newest episode of {Show}"
    • "Alexa, tell ARNU Box to play the movie {Movie}"

    Ask ARNU Box:
    • "Alexa, ask ARNU Box what is currently playing"
    • "Alexa, ask ARNU Box how much is left" or "Alexa, ask ARNU Box when will this end"
    • "Alexa, ask ARNU Box if there are any episodes of {Show}"
    • "Alexa, ask ARNU Box if I have a new album to listen to?"
    • "Alexa, ask ARNU Box what albums do you have by {Artist}?"
    • "Alexa, ask ARNU Box if there are new movies to watch?"
    • "Alexa, ask ARNU Box if there are some new {Genre} movies?"
    • "Alexa, ask ARNU Box if I have new shows to watch"

    During Video Playback:
    • "Alexa, tell ARNU Box to toggle fullscreen"
    • "Alexa, tell ARNU Box to select next subtitle language"
    • "Alexa, tell ARNU Box to disable subtitles"
    • "Alexa, tell ARNU Box to skip forward {Duration} mins"
    • "Alexa, tell ARNU Box to pause"
    • "Alexa, tell ARNU Box to stop"
    • "Alexa, tell ARNU Box to zoom in/out"

    During Music Playback:
    • "Alexa, tell ARNU Box to toggle visualizer"
    • "Alexa, tell ARNU Box to pause"
    • "Alexa, tell ARNU Box to stop"
    • "Alexa, tell ARNU Box 'next song'"


    • "Alexa, open ARNU Box"
    • "Alexa, tell ARNU Box to reboot"
    • "Alexa, tell ARNU Box to shutdown"
    • "Alexa, tell ARNU Box to select"
    • "Alexa, tell ARNU Box to go left/right/up/down"
    • "Alexa, tell ARNU Box to set volume {Volume}"
    • "Alexa, tell ARNU Box to turn volume up/down"
    • "Alexa, tell ARNU Box to mute"

    What I Need From Testers:

    • Feedback on any issues with starting/stopping any Movies or TV Series. If you have something that it keeps not understanding, please post it here as I will need to add it to a detection list.
    • Music in your library that doesn't play. Please post the Artist, Album, and Song (I need all 3).
    • Any legitimate add-ons that do not open. Stress legitimate. We will not be supporting add-ons outside of the official Kodi repository.
    • Any ideas for commands that you would like to be able to use. Please provide details of what you would say and how you would expect the ARNU Box to respond.

    Known Issues and Bugs:

    • OpenSSL python module is incompatible with new firmware. Installing this will break any addon that uses the kodi requests module for ssl.
    • Addon execution is in early development and does not work well.

    Finally, please don't spam this thread with comments about whether or not you like this Alexa service. It makes it easy to miss legitimate bug reports.
    If you are posting a feedback, please keep it clear and straight forward. (Lists are great for reports. Paragraphs are not!)

    Finally and most importantly, enjoy the new Alexa skill brought to you by ARNU Box.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 19, 2017
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  2. bigmak21

    bigmak21 New Member

    Does the version in beta execute any add on?
  3. playtime512

    playtime512 New Member

    The link to sign up says: "We are undergoing maintenance with the ARNU Box Amazon Alexa skill. Please check back soon"

    When will the invitation be available again?
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2017
  4. AccordXTC

    AccordXTC Administrator Staff Member

    Hello playtime512

    This would be a great question we've asked Amazon many times and they have not got back to us to bring it to public use. Currently as of now until Amazon gets back to us it's offline and no longer available.
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  5. playtime512

    playtime512 New Member

    Thank you for the reply. They're probably upset they didn't create it. :)
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