EmulationStation IR Controls

  • Navigate – Up, Down, Left, Right
  • Select Item – OK Button on IR
  • Go Back – Back Arrow on IR
  • EmulationStation Menu – Home Button
  • Exit Game – Home Button

How to run EmulationStation

  1. Go to Programs and select EmulationStation
  2. When EmulationStation starts you can navigate to a system using your IR remote
Note: Bluetooth is currently not supported. You can only use USB Game Controllers. When loading a file it will automatically detect your controller configuration

Where do I place my ROMs

  • The file location to place your ROMs will be in /root/roms/

Why don't I hear any sound?

  • On the ARNU Box Homescreen go to Add-ons and programs
  • Hover over the EmulationStation icon and press the context button on your IR remote (3 horizontal line button)
  • Press OK on Settings
  • On the left hand side, select Configuration
  • Press right on your IR remote to go to the middle menu and fine "Audio Device [default: hw0,1]"
  • Change the option to hw:0,0
  • Go to the option button on the right and press OK on your IR remote

How do I transfer my ROMs


  1. Use your computer to find the ARNUBOX on your Network
  2. Open the Home Folder
  3. Open the Roms Folder

METHOD B (Direct Transfer)

  • Transfer your Roms on to a USB Key or SD card
  • Insert your USB Key or SD Card in the ARNU Box
  • On the ARNU Box home screen select System and File Manager
  • On the left hand side select your USB Stick or SD card and go into the device
  • Move over to the Right Hand side and go into HOME and select Roms
  • Move back over to the left menu and select the files you wish to transfer and press the context button on your remote (3 hortizontal lines or the C button on any keyboard device)
  • Select the COPY option to copy the item over to the ARNU Box


  • On your computer insert a SD Card or USB Key
  • Create a folder in the root of your SD Card or USB Key called roms
  • Now create the folder for the consolePlease refer to the follow page on the EmulationStation website under the Platform Names section http://www.emulationstation.org/gettingstarted.html
  • Copy the ROMs to the specific folders
  • Insert the USB Key or SD card to your ARNU Box and it will be able to run directly off the device.
Note: If you remove the USB Key or SD Card the files will not be transferred on to your ARNU Box.


  • Press the Home button on your IR remote
  • Select Configure Input
  • Select Yes
  • Hold down a button on your USB controller to configure it
  • Follow the onscreen prompt to configure your controller for EmulationStation
Note: You do not need to go through this process. When running any ROM it will automatically map your game controller. This configuration is just to use your game controller in the EmulationStation GUI