The ARNU BoxTM Mach 10 64 bit
and Mach 12 64 bit are on sale today!

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Our Features

It’s our commitment to innovation that sets us apart from everyone else. Our products provide a home media experience like no other. We provide premium quality for a fraction of the cost of other similar products. Great hardware and better know how. ARNU Box™ makes products that provide simple sophistication with style.

  • Simple ease of use
  • Built from the ground up Android™ and Pure Linux
  • Fully Mapped IR Remote Control
  • One of a kind Android™ Launcher
  • Unlimited Add-ons and applications
  • Great Technical Support

ARNU Box™ Product Line

The True Home Theater Experience

Mach 10 64bit- Pure Linux

Mach 12 64bit – Android™

Over the Air Updates

ARNU Box™ Pure Linux incorporates our custom Over the Air Update system. Get the latest firmware a few clicks no toothpicks or memory cards required.

4 Core Processing!

Ever want to have the fastest car on the block? Rev up your experience and Maximize the full power of KODI™ by utilizing true quad core Processing! With four fully activated cores our products have limitless power that will dwarf anything you have ever seen before.

Cloudword Installer

Exclusive to the ARNU Box™ family of products. With Cloudword Installer you can instantly install a number of popular KODI™ add-ons by typing in simple one word codes. Instantly install a curated configuration for your country and interests.

Easy to Use Interface

We have a customized KODI™ skin to make it as easy as possible for you to enjoy your home theater experience. ARNU Box™ products are designed to be simple enough for beginners to immediately get the most from their device while providing advanced features that KODI™ aficionados will love. From our signature Blue Skin to the ever evolving Code Red our interface will take your breath away. Glide through all of our systems with our specially designed remote which integrates both KODI™ and Android™ controls with specially mapped buttons.

Help Videos

Need to know how to use a feature, add your media to a directory or use our great features like Cloudword. What if you could just see how to do it step by step? You can. Our help videos are available right from the KODI™ home screen to make your ARNU Box™ experience so much easier!

Make ARNU Box™ your
TV destination

  • Forum Driven Community
  • Technical Support
  • Firmware Updates
  • Updates to improve functionality
  • Cloudword Installer built-in (Pure Linux)
  • Help Guides
  • And much more…

Take full control of your streaming experience

Add shortcuts to your favorite apps, instantly configure your devices and take your entertainment to the next level

Industry leading coding

We have a dedicated coding staff to ensure that your ARNU Box™ experience is awesome! Unlike the competition, we try to stay ahead of the game and have the latest and greatest updates ready for you

Video Guides

Getting tired of reading manuals and trying to figure out how to use features? With the ARNU Box™ Mach 10 Pure Linux box, you can watch our video guides!

Video Tutorials

Easy Add-on Installations

With the Cloudword Installer, it has never been easier to get your content. You no longer have to go through the headache of trying to find add-ons on the net, get a USB stick and try installing it on your box. With a few clicks of a button you can install whatever you need by using a keyword!

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ARNU Box™ Reviews

See what great things people are saying about our Set Top Boxes

"The optimization and effort in creating the firmware for this device is very outstanding! It does the job for anyone streaming online."

− XBMCONNECT, YouTube Reviewer

"It looks good, it's easy to use and I will definitely be doing more videos about this device!"

− SUPA CHARGEDiOS, YouTube Reviewer

"The developers have put a great deal of thought in to ease of use. It’s like nothing I’ve worked with before"

− The Streaming Advisor